The format of these 3-day themed workshops was inspired by the international biodynamic conference in Dornach, Switzerland, which for many years has incorporated a similar workshop format. 

Our intention in adding this workshop format to the North American Biodynamic Conference is to balance lecture-based content delivery (which is offered through keynotes) with interactive, participatory learning spaces that support participants in having a cohesive and integrated conference experience. Each of the themed workshops will focus on a particular topic, while also connecting to the overall conference theme.

Participants will engage with the same group of people and presenter(s) over the course of three days. Be ready to work in small-groups, engage with yourself through offline prompts and exercises, and dive deep in the material throughout the weekend conference.

Please choose one workshop from either track A or B, depending on which time slot works best for you. We ask participants to stay within your chosen workshop to ensure continuity and connection with the conference community.