Contribute to the 2021 Biodynamic Conference

The Biodynamic Association is now accepting workshop proposals for our 2021 North American Biodynamic Conference, which will take place November 10-14 in Westminster, Colorado.

You may also submit a proposal to showcase your research at our 2021 Research Poster session, full details can be found here.

Proposals on any topic will be considered, but priority themes for the 2021 conference include:

  • Biodynamic Basics: core principles and practices of biodynamic farming and gardening for newcomers and beginner to intermediate practitioners, including transitioning to biodynamics for existing farmers 
  • Social Justice and Community: how biodynamics can be informed by and contribute to social and racial justice and the vitality of our communities 
  • Workshops for Children: workshops and activities for children ages 6-14, such as nature exploration, art, music and movement, creative play, practical activities and skill building

  • Biodynamic Practices for Growing Food, Wine, Herbs and Animal Integration: biodynamic approaches to specific crops, enterprises, and climates, such as vegetables, grains, fruits, herbs, animal husbandry, dairy, bees, forestry, etc. and ways to integrate diverse plants and animals within these systems

  • Indigenous Agriculture and Traditional Ecological Knowledge: indigenous agricultural and ecological wisdom and traditions from across the Americas, and around the world, and bridges between these traditions and biodynamics

  • Urban Agriculture and Backyard Gardening: applications of biodynamics at a small scale, connections to permaculture, biointensive, agroecology, and other aligned approaches

  • Economy and the Marketplace: certification, marketing, processing, scaling up, and distribution of biodynamic products; associative and cooperative social and economic models; innovative approaches to land ownership, access, and succession for the next generation
  • Science and Research: biodynamic solutions to climate change; quantitative, qualitative, experimental, Natural scientific, Goethean, and spiritual scientific research on biodynamics and related topics

  • Healing, Nutrition, Flavor, and Quality: biodynamic and other holistic approaches to nurturing and healing of our bodies, souls and spirits, including the experience of the senses in relation to food and other agricultural products

  • Advanced Biodynamics: deep explorations of advanced biodynamic topics intended for those who have been practicing and studying biodynamics for at least five years

  • Spirituality & Anthroposophy: exploration of the foundational practices and ideas in anthroposophy 

  • Storytelling: Oral tradition as a modality to share the information, cultural expression and art of agriculture practices.

Workshop Format Information

We are seeking proposals for a variety of workshop formats.

Please carefully review these options and select which is most appropriate for your proposal in the form below:

    • Half-day and full-day pre-conference intensives: Full-day pre-conference intensives will take place on Wednesday, November 11 and Thursday, November 12. Half-day intensives will be on Thursday morning and Thursday afternoon. 
    • Main conference themed workshops (series of three 90-minute sessions): we will start each day of the main conference (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) with themed workshops. Each themed workshop will be a series of three 90-minute interactive sessions (one session each morning) designed to build a particular topic or theme over the course of three days, led by a team of 2-3 people, and incorporating multiple learning modalities such as movement, artistic activity, time outside, small group conversations, etc. These are not lecture-focused workshops. Participants will choose one themed workshop to attend when they register for the conference, and will attend the same themed workshop with the same leaders and participants all three days. Full details and tips on how to lead a 3-day workshop can be found here (link is external).

    • Main conference breakout workshops (90 minutes): Breakout workshops will take place on the afternoons of Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14 (2 breakout sessions each day), and can be in the form of lecture, discussion, movement, and/or artistic or other interactive activities. If you are proposing a lecture format, we strongly suggest that within the 90 minutes, no more than 60 minutes are devoted to lecture, with at least 30 minutes for Q&A or other interactive activities. 

    • Collaborative presentations, interactive activities, and alternative teaching styles are encouraged. We highly encourage making time for the use of artistic and experiential activities, observation, contemplation, journaling, conversation, and movement within your workshop. Proposals for workshops in Spanish or bilingual English/Spanish workshops are welcome. We also welcome proposals for workshops and activities for children.

    All photos by Trav Williams/Broken Banjo Photography