Access More Local Customers Online

Join Barn2Door CEO Janelle Maiocco to discuss why online efforts can help you build a more resilient Farm business. Learn how customers' expectations have evolved, and the opportunity for Farms to meet demand for convenient, local products.

Janelle is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Barn2Door, Inc., the largest vertical ecommerce solutions exclusively servicing Farmers.

Janelle is a seasoned executive with 20+ years experience across B2B and B2C ecommerce startups, food+tech and vertical SaaS.

She grew up in an agriculture community and has built her career pursuing her passions in food, agriculture, product marketing and technology. Over the years she has consulted with a wide range of clientele, from venture-backed start-ups to Fortune 500 companies (Pepsico, Nestle) and major food brands, cooperatives and commissions (CA Raisins, IA Corn, TX Grapefruit, WA Stone Fruit). Janelle is an expert on go-to-market strategies, channel acquisition, brand development, digital media and local food marketplaces.

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