Anthroposophic Health Association

Anthroposophic Medicine is integrative medicine. It is rooted in the science-based medicine of the present, but takes into account the whole human being in its method, diagnosis and therapy. It pays equal attention to the body, soul and spirit of the patient, recognizing the person's unique biography. Anthroposophic Medicine was established by Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Ita Wegman in 1920. Since then it has been continuously developed further in clinics and hospitals worldwide. This whole-person approach incorporates medicine, nursing, naturopathy, psychology, art, music, singing, speech, movement and massage therapies as elements of a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach, with shared concepts for diagnosis and therapy. Anthroposophic medicine and therapeutics are practiced in over 60 countries around the world. Each health professional is fully credentialed, for example as a doctor, nurse, or massage therapist. In addition, these professionals add a holistic, anthroposophic perspective to their care. You can access our Directory for a detailed listing of doctors, nurses and therapists by state and province.