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Become a Member or Renew Membership Now to Double Your Impact

Dear friend,

This past November, I got to witness firsthand the power and beauty of the Biodynamic Association’s membership at Tierra Viva: Farming the Living Earth, the BDA’s biennial conference. As people registered, moved from one workshop to another, and met up with their colleagues and friends, the strength of connection and community felt strong. I witnessed firsthand the vitality of the biodynamic movement and the members of the Biodynamic Association as ideas flowed and blossomed among excited participants. This is a vibrant community, overflowing with ancient wisdom and fresh innovations.

This spring, a generous BDA member has offered a $10,000 challenge grant to further encourage this vitality. Between February 15 and April 30, all new and renewed memberships will be matched up to $10,000! This is an incredible opportunity to double your support for your membership association. 

Will you join or renew your membership now to help us meet this goal?

The biggest benefit of membership for me is to be fully engaged in this conversation and to be in action, forwarding the possibility that we can begin the process of healing the earth and our food system. My understanding is deepened each time I engage with other farmers and practitioners in this biodynamic perspective, and that enriches my own relationship to the land, the environment, and each other.

- Greg Georgaklis, member since 2010

Even if you recently joined or renewed your membership, now is the perfect time to show your support. Renew now to keep your membership valid for a year past your current expiration date — and do so knowing that your membership contribution will go twice as far because of this challenge grant! That way, you can stay involved in the community without your membership lapsing.

You can even create a recurring payment through our Join or Renew pages to make renewal that much easier! Visit www.biodynamics.com/renew and click ‘Please renew my membership automatically.’ This will charge your card each year for your membership dues and takes the hassle out of renewing your membership. Alternately, give us a call at 262-649-9212 x2 and we can set it up for you.

Go one step further and encourage a friend to join the Biodynamic Association this spring!

Do you have a friend, neighbor or colleague who might be ready to become a member of the BDA? Please consider if you know someone who would enjoy reading the rich content of the Biodynamics journal, participating in our events and online educational opportunities, or connecting into that nurturing community of conversation through our online forums. Invite them to join you as a Biodynamic Association member, or even give them the gift of a membership to get them started.

I love having the opportunity to be nurtured by and to nurture a cultural consciousness that offers a path to a healthy future.

- Susan Kurz, member since 2010

If you, like Greg and Susan, appreciate being part of the conversation and nurturing the cultural consciousness of this movement, please consider joining or renewing your membership today and inviting others to join to help us meet this challenge grant. We can’t do it without you! Remember, every new or renewed membership received through April 30 will count toward this challenge grant. Renew by mail, by phone, or online today!


Thank you for being part of this community and for helping create a healthy, wholesome future for our food system.


Anna McAvoy-Emrick

Member Services

P.S. If you need a reminder of your membership’s expiration date, please call us at 262-649-9212 ext. 2 or sign into your account at www.biodynamics.com.