If you share an email address with someone and you both want to register for the conference, here are a few suggested solutions because each online registration needs a unique email address:

  1. You can register one person online with your email address and print out the registration form and register the other person by mail. Please write us a note that you share an email address with someone who registered online. 
  2. You can get an email address from Google Mail (gmail) or Yahoo Mail for free. 
  3. You can get an email address for one-time use at http://www.guerrillamail.com/
  4. You can use a friend's email address who's not planning to register for the conference, however, please let us know this is a temporary email address so it should not be used in the future. If you do this, then your friend will receive your confirmation email.
  5. You can use a fake email address but then you will not receive your confirmation email. If you select this option, please use firstname.lastname@doesnotexist.com so we know it's a fake email address. We need to know it's fake.

Because our website and database identifies you by email address, it helps us if each person who's registering, joining or logging into our website has a unique email address. Thank you for your understanding. If you have questions, please feel free to email members@biodynamics.com. Thank you.