On Sunday, November 20, the final day of the 2016 North American Biodynamic Conference, the Biodynamic Association (BDA) and Demeter USA hosted an interactive session to explore the future of the biodynamic movement. The session was facilitated by Thea Maria Carlson, Co-Director of the BDA, and Elizabeth Candelario, Managing Director of Demeter.


Thea and Elizabeth shared that the BDA and Demeter have been meeting frequently over the past year to strengthen the communication and collaboration between these two core organizations in the North American biodynamic movement. Through those conversations we have identified a pressing need to collaboratively vision the future of biodynamics so that both organizations, as well as many others working in the biodynamic field, can create greater alignment in our work moving forward and find the most important ways we can collaborate to maximize our impact.


In the coming year, the BDA and Demeter will be launching and stewarding such a visioning process, inviting a number of other key organizations and individuals to participate in various ways. Although this process is still in the initial planning stages, we wanted to take the opportunity at the 2016 conference to harvest the wisdom of participants who traveled to the conference from around the world and all over the United States, representing many different aspects of the biodynamic community. The five rich days of keynotes, workshops, and conversations that preceded this session set the stage for a very dynamic interactive activity.

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