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How do I get my group, farm, business, education, or other organization listed in the Directory?

If you would like to list a farm, business, biodynamic group, education center, or other organization, please keep in mind the following:

  1. You can only have one farm, business, biodynamic group, education center, or other organization connected with your membership record and listed in the directory. Actual employment is not necessary, but you need to be an authorized contact (e.g., for a regional biodynamic group).
  2. If you are the authorized contact person and you are a current Biodynamic Association member, you can add the farm, business, biodynamic group, education center, or other organization to the Directory. If we already have your relationship with the farm, business, group or organization on file, then, when you Join the Directory, you will see its information on page 2 (the organizational profile page).
  3. If it or your relationship with it are not yet in our records, then you will not see any information for it on page 2. In this case, please use our Directory Feedback form to send us your name and its name; please select the subject "Would like to list farm, group, business, educational center, or organization." 
  4. After we add the information to your record, you need to complete a profile for the farm, business, group or organization to include it in the Directory, in addition to your own directory profile. 
  5. Alternatively, the farm, business or organization itself needs a membership with a separate email address (one not attached to another member's record) and a primary contact person's name. However, we recommend that the membership be held by the primary contact person rather than the organization, because our membership structure is currently designed for individuals rather than groups. If you would like to see the BDA add group or business memberships that give online member access to a group of people, or other membership benefits, please let us know using the Directory Feedback form.

Please note: If you are a farmer or business, you should be aware that "Biodynamic" is a protected term that can be used for marketing purposes only by farms and food businesses that are Demeter certified. If you are interested in learning more about becoming certified, we encourage you to contact Demeter USA.