We take your privacy seriously. We are taking the following measures to ensure your information is used according to your wishes:

  • The Directory is only accessible to members of the Biodynamic Association, who must log into the member-only section of our website. Member-only content, including the Directory, is not available to the general public.
  • To protect your privacy, we are asking you to opt into the Directory if you would like to be included, instead of asking you to opt out if you don’t. Your information will not be shared without your permission.
  • If you would like to be included in the Directory, you do not have to share your street address or your phone number. We do require an email address so others can contact you. You may share additional contact information in a field called "Contact me via" if you choose.
  • We will not produce printed versions of the online Directory. 

By using this Directory, whether posting or accessing information, BDA members agree to the following terms:

  • This Directory is intended to help connect individual BDA members, farms, organizations, and businesses with others in their region or who share their interests. Contact information is to be used for one-on-one communications only
  • Information from the Biodynamic Directory may not be used for commercial,  marketing, or political purposes, or for mass communication of any kind.
  • Directory information shall not be shared with people outside of the BDA membership. 

The BDA reserves the right to revoke Directory access for any member who does not abide by these terms.

Please read our Privacy Policy and Terms and Condition of Use for further information and conditions.

Updated September 21, 2020.

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