For basic information about organizational listings, please first read the question "How do I get my group, farm, business, education, or other organization listed in the Directory?" If you are a current Biodynamic Association member and you are the authorized contact person for a non-profit organization, we can set up your membership record to show the organization as your employer. If you do not have access to the organization's record on page 2 of the Join the Directory form, please use the Directory Feedback form with the subject "Would like to list farm, group, business, educational center, or organization" to send us your name, your organization's name, your email address, and an optional daytime phone number. After we list the organization as your employer, then you can include it in the Directory by completing the organization’s directory profile on page 2 of the Join the Directory page (click on "Your Listing" on the Directory Navigation tabs at the right).

To list a non-profit, the authorized contact person for the organization should be a member of the Biodynamic Association and submit the listing, or the organization may get its own membership.