After more than 25 years with our previous logo, we felt the time was right to create a fresh image to reflect the current work and vision of the Biodynamic Association. Our goal was to create a visual identity that conveys the deeper values and spiritual impulses at the heart of our work — an image that could speak both to newcomers who know nothing about biodynamics, as well as to the long-term practitioners who have studied the esoteric mysteries of biodynamics for decades. Achieving both these goals in one image was not easy, but we are deeply gratified by the result and we hope you are too.

In an effort to simplify our communications and strengthen our outreach, we have also decided to formally adopt the shorter, simpler version of our name that our members have been using for many decades: "Biodynamic Association" (formerly "Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association"). And we have created a new tagline that you will see regularly in our communications: "Rethinking Agriculture." We feel this phrase captures the deeper core of our work in a way that is both provocative and welcoming.

We hope you will see reflected in all this work the good spirit of biodynamics growing strong and spreading its light far and wide. Below are a few verses inspired in me by our new logo. If this image inspires a thought, poem or verse in you, please send it along to and we will publish a selection in our next issue of the Biodynamics journal.

earth rising

to embrace the dance of life

the seeds of light

that bring true nutrition to soil, food and people


vortex of creation

healing the land

hallowing the earth



For the future of biodynamics,



Robert Karp

Executive Director