Microdynamics II: Scaling Biodynamics to Fit Your Needs

with Stewart Lundy

Recorded on April 14, 2020

In this webinar, we will explore how the heart of biodynamics is remaining “within the realm of the living,” which means that everything we use should be alive. This is true regardless of the size of your operation, whether you’re growing in containers or spraying preparations from a tractor. This will introduce basic biodynamic practices that can be scaled down to be easy and practical for every backyard grower. Learn about basic soil building, cover crops, rotation, double digging, broadforking, vermiculture, small-scale livestock, sprouting, fermenting, speciality small-batch compost piles, and more. 

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Are our current global circumstances inspiring you to get your hands in the soil and grow food in your garden, homestead, or small farm? Whether you are a seasoned biodynamic grower or starting for the first time this spring, please join us for the next 2 sessions in a webinar series on Microdynamics with Stewart Lundy of Perennial Roots Farm to learn practical ways to implement biodynamics on a small scale. By popular demand, we have moved the upcoming webinars in this series earlier so that you can get growing right away!

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