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Other Biodynamic Organizations

North American Organizations






Demeter Association, Inc.: Certifies Biodynamic ® farms, vineyards, processors, and products in the United  States.

Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics: Healing the earth through production of quality biodynamic preparations, and to advance education and research in biodynamic methods.

Yggdrasil Land Foundation: Collaborative non-profit land preservation organization with a mission to catalyze the viability of biodynamic, organic, and sustainable farming.


International Biodynamic Organizations

Demeter International: nonprofit organization of Demeter certification organizations.

Sektion fur Landwirtschaft: Agricultural Section at the Goetheanum.


Biodynamic Organizations Around the World

Argentina: Asociación para la Agricultura Biológico-dinámica de Argentina

NederlandsStichting Demeter