Thank you for your interest in creating an online group! The purpose of Biodynamic Association online groups is to provide a platform to connect with other members of the biodynamic community to discuss questions of interest and share resources. We welcome your idea for creating a new group around a shared interest that is important to you and is not already reflected in an existing online group.

Each online group has a moderator, who is responsible for inviting and welcoming new participants to the online group; initiating, responding to and monitoring discussions within the online group; and ensuring that all group participants use common courtesy and abide by the online groups terms of use. 

To apply to create and moderate a new online group, you must be a member of the Biodynamic Association. Not a member? Visit our membership page to join.

We will review and respond to all applications within 2-3 weeks. Feel free to email Erin at with any questions. 


Group Moderator Information: