Spikenard Farm & Honeybee Sanctuary

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Our mission is to promote sustainable and biodynamic beekeeping through education, experience-based research and a honeybee sanctuary and to help restore the health and vitality of the honeybee worldwide. Our 41 acre sanctuary is located in Floyd, Virginia – surrounded by pastures, forest and an adjacent organic farm – and is home to over 30 honeybee hives. The main apiary, orchard, and vegetable garden are located on 6 acres and we have a 7 acre field planted in perennials and annual bee forage including buckwheat, mustard, phacelia, sunflowers, and clover (sainfoin, sweet, crimson). The remaining 13 acres are undeveloped wooded land. The sanctuary is a biodynamically invigorated landscape in which plants, animals and human beings create the necessary care, protection and healing for all.

Spikenard Biodynamic Seeds Complete Set of 12: $45 All of Spikenard’s seeds are gathered from plants grown in our own biodynamic garden and pollinated by our bees. These perennial flowers are favorite sources of nectar and pollen for the bees and native pollinators. By buying and planting all 12 varieties, you will have beautiful flowers in your garden from June through October. 


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