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Letter from the Editor

Going Beyond, by Rebecca Briggs

News & Updates

Biodynamics and Related Issues

Celebrating 75 Years

Horticulture & Vitalism

Everything Is Governed By an Invisible Law, by Alan Chadwick

Alan Chadwick and Vitalism: Excerpts from an Interview with Paul Lee, by Rebecca Briggs

Yarrow and Valerian, by Jeff Poppen

Devling into Yarrow and Valerian at the Fellowship of Preparation Makers Conference, by Rebecca Briggs

Garden Humor: Minding Your P's and Q's, or Recasting Pods, by John Bloom

On the Farm

Meadowlark Hearth: Opportunities to Make a Difference for the World, by Beth and Nathan Corymb

The Farmer's New Year's Eve, by Nancy Jewel Poer

Community Connections

Search for the Holy Grain: Baker Seeking Biodynamic Barley, by Koenraad van der Meer

Regional Voices

25 Years of the Southeast Biodynamic Association, by Jeff Poppen

Global View

Biodynamics in China: A Good Start, by Weihe Hu

Event Overview

Expanding Ecological Awareness: Biodynamic Winter Intensive at Hawthorne Valley Farm, by Abby Zoltick

BDA Updates

A Watershed Moment: 2012 Biodynamic Conference, by Rebecca Briggs

Growing Reverence: A Report from Kansas City, by Alicia Ellingsworth

Growth of the Biodynamic Education Program, by Thea Maria Carlson

Expanding Scholarship Opportunities 

New Biodynamic Research Resources

Fulfilling a Vision, by Robert Karp

Membership Matters, by Margaret Thom