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Uriel Pharmacy Seeks Farmer - East Troy, WI

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Uriel Pharmacy Seeks Farmer - East Troy, WI

Uriel Pharmacy is seeking a motivated farmer-leader to turn a 4 acre southeast Wisconsin property into a productive CSA operation to provide employees with biodynamic vegetables and fruit, as well as incorporate their own business to provide healthy food to the surrounding communities and work in the pharmacy in the off season with leadership energy. My vision for Uriel is to become a destination place combining Uriel Pharmacy, production herb gardens, medical practice and farm. I also would like tour groups to be organized which would include pharmacy, farm, sense experience, and educational activities in medicine and agriculture.

The person I’m looking for is a fellow practical visionary, best with a track record of success working with others in a communicative, mutually supportive situation. We have a profit sharing program in place and implement creative business practices like open book management, so there are educational growth and profitability opportunities. There are additional benefits available to Uriel employees. All benefits and pay are negotiable.

The best situation for Uriel would be a person that is willing to start work for the pharmacy. But for the person that wants to run their own business, in whole or in part, I am willing to work out any combination that is beneficial to both Uriel and yourself. I am looking for a motivated and energetic person with leadership skills that also will bring their unique ideas to Uriel that will benefit the future growth of the business. I am willing to discuss capital investment for additional infrastructure and support to make a mutually determined plan succeed.

Please contact me with your resume, references, brief biography and questions.


Mark McKibben, R.Ph.

Uriel Pharmacy

N8464 Sterman Road

East Troy, WI 53120

262-642-2858, Ext. 22