We launched this membership benefit to facilitate grassroots networking and collaboration among members. Through it, you can find farms, biodynamic groups, businesses, and others who share your interests or region. 

Please browse, search, and create your own listing if you have not yet done so.

5 Steps to Join and Search the Directory

  1. Be a current member of the Biodynamic Association.
  2. Log into our website or create a new account. (On mobile, see top of our site above our logo. On desktop, see right side of the grey bar above.)
  3. See About the Directory for answers to your questions, our privacy policy, and terms and conditions of use policy.
  4. Complete your Directory profile and, if applicable, one for your farm, business, biodynamic group, or organization.
  5. Browse or search the Directory and enjoy! Check back as the number of profiles grows.