I.  Deepen and Evolve the Spiritual Foundations of Biodynamics: The Biodynamic Association works to continually deepen and evolve the core insights of Rudolf Steiner that gave birth to and form the foundation of biodynamics so that the biodynamic movement can grow to meet the ever changing needs of humanity. 

II.  Create a Vibrant Learning Community and a Strong and Healthy Movement: The Biodynamic Association fosters a welcoming, cooperative, learning community for people of all ages and stages in their exploration of biodynamics and supports the success of the other key organizations serving the biodynamic movement in North America. 

III.  Proliferate High Quality Research, Educational Opportunities, and Advisory Services: The Biodynamic Association supports and facilitates the work of an ever growing group of biodynamic researchers, educators, mentors and consultants who wish to work together to proliferate high quality biodynamic research, education and advisory services that serve the unique needs of diverse regions, farms and audiences. 

IV.  Shift the Wider Paradigm: The Biodynamic Association works closely with groups and leaders in the wider world to shift mainstream thinking about food and farming, to demonstrate new approaches to health and sustainability and to increase the understanding and adoption of biodynamic and associative economic principles in the wider world. 

V.  Manage for Organizational and Fiscal Health: The Biodynamic Association is managed prudently and collaboratively by its board and staff, with significant involvement from its growing membership base, and has the diversity and abundance of resources it needs to carry out its work in the world.