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Biodynamic Association

Mail: 1661 N Water Street Suite 307 Milwaukee WI 53202

Email: info@biodynamics.com

Tel: (262) 649-9212

Fax: (262) 649-9213

Please make payments by check out to "Biodynamic Association" and mail to the address above. You can also donate, join, or renew online or by calling x2 at the number above.

See our staff list for individual contact information.

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Contacts by Role

Apprenticeship Program: nabdap@biodynamics.com

Biodynamic Research: research@biodynamics.com

Biodynamic Scholarship Fund: scholarships@biodynamics.com

Biodynamics Journal: karen@biodynamics.com

Business Partners, Sponsorship & Advertising: penny@biodynamics.com

Development: karisa@biodynamics.com

Education: thea@biodynamics.com

Farm-Based Education: fbeiba@biodynamics.com

Finances & Operations: accounting@biodynamics.com

General Information: info@biodynamics.com

Media: rebecca@biodynamics.com

Membership: members@biodynamics.com

Online Groups: groups@biodynamics.com

Online Learning: webinars@biodynamics.com

Publishing: rebecca@biodynamics.com

Website: rebecca@biodynamics.com