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Biodynamic Education

Our Biodynamic Education Program brings biodynamic insights and practices into the landscape of the food and farming movement.

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Biodynamic Community Events

Our calendar of events provides an ever-growing list of upcoming workshops, classes, conferences, and community meetings, sortable by region.

News & Updates

Celebrating the Achievements of Eleven Biodynamic Apprentices

This fall at the 2014 Biodynamic Conference, we celebrated the graduation of eleven apprentices from the North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP). The program, which combines two years of structured on-farm training and mentoring with classroom study in biodynamics and an independent project, began in 2009. NABDAP now has forty-seven participating mentor farms across North America, forty enrolled apprentices, and twenty-two graduates.

More than 45 Conference Workshop and Keynote Recordings Available 

A rich array of workshop and keynote recordings offer diverse ways to learn more about biodynamics and health from an amazing selection of educators, including Deb Soule, Gunther Hauk, Jeff Poppen, Craig Holdredge, and dozens of others. MP3 recordings are just $8 each and can be downloaded immediately, and CD recordings are $10 plus shipping. DVD’s of conference keynotes are also available.

Learning about biodynamic preparations from Hugh Courtney during Hands-On with the Biodynamic Preparations, a pre-conference intensive workshop held at Foxhollow Farm as part of the 2014 Biodynamic Conference.

Our Education Programs

Farmer Training

The North American Biodynamic Apprenticeship Program (NABDAP) helps aspiring farmers develop the skills and knowledge they need to build successful organic and biodynamic farms. The program combines:

  • 24 months of structured on-farm training and mentoring,
  • An independent, on-farm project, and
  • Classroom study in biodynamics.

Apprentices benefit from a comprehensive training curriculum, carefully selected mentor farms, and access to networking, support, and educational resources. Upon completion of their training, apprentices are awarded a certificate in biodynamic farming from the Biodynamic Association.

Biodynamic Scholarship Fund

Our scholarship fund helps farmers, apprentices, gardeners and others with financial need to learn about and develop their skills in biodynamics—and connect to the biodynamic community—through educational opportunities.

Scholarships are available for the biennial North American Biodynamic Conference, other events organized by the Biodynamic Association, biodynamic courses and workshops at participating education centers, and advising. Launched in 2010, the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund has awarded over $70,000 in scholarships to more than 300 individuals to date.

"The two-week winter intensive was an incredibly rich and transformative experience. I was intellectually, spiritually, and socially nourished and left feeling refreshed and ready to begin the last year of my apprenticeship with new perspectives."

— Deanna Perlman
Scholarship Recipient and NABDAP Apprentice

Online Learning for Gardeners and Farmers

Live, interactive biodynamic webinars allow Biodynamic Association members as well as newcomers to biodynamics to learn from anywhere in the world. This distance-based learning platform combines an audio lecture from a biodynamic educator with a visual presentation (slides and photos), and includes interactive questions and answers and small-group discussion. Recordings are also available after the live events.

Learning Communities and Interest Groups 

Peer learning and sharing is an important anchor or our educational work. Ongoing learning communities supported by the Biodynamic Assocation include Farm-Based Educators Inspired by Anthroposophy, the Biodynamic Initiative for the Next Generation, the Biodynamic Educators Collaborative, and regional biodynamic groups

Building on the vibrant interest group and learning community meetups we hosted at the 2014 Biodynamic Conference in Louisville, KY, we recently launched an online space for people to connect around shared interests and learning goals. Members of the Biodynamic Association may join existing groups or create new groups to share and learn together.

Biodynamic Educators Collaborative

The Biodynamic Educators Collaborative supports the development of biodynamic education in North America by providing a forum for peer-to-peer learning, sharing and professional development. It is a coming together of peers, a way to collaborate and share, identify and nurture best practices, and encourage a deepening and cross-fertilization of philosophy, principles and practices among biodynamic educators. Anyone who is working to bring an understanding of biodynamics to others—workshop leaders, advisors and consultants, farmers and mentor farmers, lecturers, authors and conveners, as well as those who participate in peer-to-peer, farmer-to-farmer learning and sharing—is invited to join.

Since launching the collaborative in 2012, we have held two educators gatherings at our biennial conferences, several interactive phone calls, and initiated an online learning community.