Biodynamics is a way to heal the relationship between the natural world and the human being. We’ll explore this deeply nourishing path of practice and discovery together with experienced biodynamic farmers and gardeners leading the way. Come learn about the foundational basics of biodynamics for the first time, or for a refresher and inspiration for the season ahead! 

Presenters include Marjory House, Stewart Lundy, Daniela Escudero, Alex Tuchman, Anthony Mecca, Sundeep Kamath, and more!

  • March 7 - Biodynamic Basics: An Introduction and Overview - The Farm Organism, The Role of the Farmer and Gardener, Natural Science, Goethean Science, and Spiritual Science/Anthroposophy.
  • March 14 - Biodynamic Basics: Plant and Soil Health including Plant Growth and Development, Compost, Preparations, and Celestial Rhythms; Science and Research
  • March 21 - Biodynamic Basics: Animal Care - The Cow, the Bee, and the Earthworm
  • March 28 - Biodynamic Basics: Social, Community, and Economic Aspects; Relationship of Biodynamics to Regenerative, Organic, Permaculture, and Indigenous Agriculture

Scholarship support is available for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and for those experiencing financial hardship. Please email for more information.

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