CHANGE YOUR LIFE THIS YEAR:  You may need to plan now to come to the Sanctuary in Floyd, Virginia on May 9 - 11 for the Biodynamic Beekeeping Spring Experience!

It's 3 days, $360, snacks & lunches included and, often, we have several swarms in the Sanctuary during those three full days. It's a glorious adventure.

The Spring Experience is part 1 of 4 modules in the Spikenard Biodynamic Beekeeping Training and can be used as part of that credential.  Or it can be a good introduction to beekeeping hands-on in more depth and breadth.  Alex Tuchman is the lead learner and Ines Kinchen as well, with the bees as the primary teacher.  

Can we talk you into it?  Email/call ( or Ines Kinchen, program coordinator (, and we'll tell you why you need to be there this year.  :)

Event Details
Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary Floyd , VA
05/09/2024 to 05/11/2024