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The earth in which we garden and farm has many questions regarding its evolution and the formation of the mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms. Understanding especially our agricultural soils and their formation is a key in cultivation. Geology can become a revelation of the complex matrix in which we grow and harvest crops and raise animals. 
New doorways can open as to the understanding and responsibility for the earth and nature when employing the Goethean Science Method. 
Check out this interesting opportunity related to Biodynamic Agriculture below.
Note: Geologist Jonathan Swan experienced in biodynamics will be a presenter at the Geology Conference.




     Goethean Science Geology Conference July 18-21, 2019
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          How did the geology we see all around us form? 
                                   Natural Science - Phenomenological Science - Spiritual Science
                                                              College Park, Maryland
   Conference location: Christian Community Parish House 4221 Metzerott Rd College Park, Md 20740
                                                      Next to the University of Maryland
                                   For geology professionals, those who feel geology as an avocation, and those new to geology                                             
*Pre-Conference field trip by the DC metro-subway to the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum to see the geology/gem/mineral collection and the long awaited Natural History paleontology exhibition newly opened! (Smithsonian Museums on the National Mall are free of charge)
 *Departing Thursday July 18 at 8:00am from 4221 Metzerott Rd College Park, Md 
Conference Schedule Plan
Thursday July 18
5:00pm Welcome! Meet and Greet and check-in
5:45pm Conference Opening with verse from Goethe
5:50pm Orientation and house keeping details for the Geology Conference
6:05pm  Geologist Frank Fawcett Presentation on his translation of Dankmar Bosse's Natural History book into English from German.
 Dankmar Bosse is a remarkable Goethean Scientist dwelling in Berlin Germany who brings together Natural Science and Spiritual Science regarding the evolution of earth and humans. 
6:50pm Geologist Jonathan Swan Presentation on the what? the how? the why? the who? of Goethean Science i.e. Phenomenological Science
7:30pm Guided discussion asking geology attendees about their approach to Goethean Science 
8:00pm Open geology conversation among those with a geology background with welcomed listening observers  
8:55pm Close with a verse from Steiner
Friday July 19       
8:00am Biodynamic coffee and conversation
8:30 Opening verse from Goethe 
8:40 Some small movement exercise for participants
8:55 Sculpting using Cretaceous creek clay; group attempts a sculpture of  Coastal Plain-Piedmont-Blue Ridge-Ridge & Valley-Appalachian Plateau 
9:30 Geologist Jonathan Swan Presentation on Piedmont-Coastal Plain Fall-line geology
10:10 Snack
10:30 Field Trip by car to The Falls of the Anacostia Watershed and then to the Great Falls of the Potomac Watershed (small entrance fee for a car) ;
                            bring lunch, dinner, and gear; (optional geology hike possible at Great Falls of the Potomac River)
6:30-7:45 Return to the  Geology Conference location 
8:00  Review the geology seen on the field trip that day -Living with the question- How did the geology we observed form?
9:00  Closing verse from Steiner
Saturday July 20       
8:00am Biodynamic coffee, questions, conversation
8:30am Opening verse from Goethe
8:40am Some small movement exercise
8:55am Clay sculpture using Cretaceous clay and other natural materials continues modeling Maryland's & Virginia's Physiographic Provinces
9:30am Michael Judge Presentation on Maryland Mesozoic Cretaceous exposures
10:15am Field Trip to close by Paint Branch Creek and the Cretaceous exposures (110 mya)
11:30am Field Trip by car to Cretaceous iron ore siderite-dinosaur exposure (110 mya) at Muirkirk, Md; Bring lunch and gear
                               *Option of visiting a moon rock at nearby Goddard Space Flight Center -How did the moon form?
6:00-8:00 Dinner on your own (many nearby options)
 8:00 Review of the geology of the day -Living with the question -How did this geology we have observed form?
 9:00 Reviewing the Geology Conference and thinking about future geology work
 9:30 Close Conference with verse from Steiner
*Sunday July 21 Optional  Field trip to Southern Maryland in the afternoon to see Miocene geology and possibly the Tertiary-Cretaceous boundary 
*Cost for Geology Conference $50 (pay upon arrival at the Conference)
*Scholarships are available for those who need it
*Let us know if you wish to come for a portion of the Conference, which can then be pro-rated
*You can let us know your lodging and meal needs as we have recommendations and options
*It helps to let us know if you plan to come        
Event Details
East Coast
Community Event
4221 Metzerott Rd College Park , MD
Thu, 07/18/2019 (All day) to Sun, 07/21/2019 (All day)