The Ground for Healthy Relationships:

Addressing the New World of How We Relate

January 29-31, 2021

This gathering of keynote presentations and workshops will speak to the heart of how healthy relationships are formed and how they are being affected by changes in how we engage with others. Technology has changed how we relate to one another, and is increasingly changing our inner capacities to relate healthily.

This event will be very useful for anyone wanting to support themselves, others, adults and children, in overcoming the negative impacts of technology, and also growing the capacity to be able to present over the internet with more understanding of our role and responsibility in what we bring.

Cost to Enroll

Whole Course (Keynotes and Workshops): $75 AUD (~$53 USD)
Keynotes Only (No Workshops): $40 AUD (~$28 USD)

Event Details
Community Event
Meeting / Gathering
Fri, 01/29/2021 (All day) to Sun, 01/31/2021 (All day)