The Chesapeake BioDynamic Network of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, the District of Columbia, & West Virginia announces: Biodynamic Workshop Saturday April 20 -Making Biochar as a Fertilizer- (Donations Welcomed) 10:00am-2:00 at the Christian Community Garden Grounds 4221 Metzerott Rd College Park, MD 20740 (Bring a lunch to eat at 1:00 to sit & converse) Led by biodynamically inspired professional landscaper Patrick Dodson-Humblebee Garden Care of Richmond, VA. Patrick will show how to make biochar, address charging biochar with biodynamic preparations, fermentation of biochar, and inoculation of biochar to the soil Biodynamic Agriculture asserts that the human being is now the vital agent in maintaining the vitality of our earth's biosphere. Here is an excellent technique we can employ to enhance the earth's fertility. Let us develop safe sustainable ecological ethical landscaping, gardening, and farming. *This Biodynamic Workshop is rain and wind sensitive so contact for any inquiries on the status of the Workshop if rain or wind conditions arise

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East Coast
College Park , MD