Summer's turning to fall, invites us down to the river,

New Orleans...

for a youth conference

before the AGM (Annual General Meeting of the Anthroposophical Society)

you are invited,
and our friends from the Western Regional Council
have gifted travel support for young people
interested in making their way down to New Orleans. 
(for travel help email )
The pre-agm gathering will offer us a time to come together
before the AGM begins, where we will then join the larger gathering, 
weaving shared spaces throughout.
See below the invitation and schedule

unnamed (5).jpg

Otherwise the Darkness by St. Thomas Aquinas

have a cause.
We need those don’t we?
Otherwise the darkness and the cold gets in
and everything starts to

My soul has a purpose, it is
to love;
if I
do not fulfill
my heart’s vocation
I suffer.

Join us for “My Heart’s Vocation: Finding Ourselves Within Community”, a national youth conference October 3, 4 and 5 in New Orleans, two days prior to Here and Now: Transforming Ourselves, Transforming Our World, the ASA's annual conference and meeting.

We are gathering together to explore questions around our individual tasks within the context of community. How do we make agreements with our higher selves that help us move closer towards our mission? How do we find ourselves through engagement with others on our path, reconciling the truth that each of us has our own unique task to fulfill? How do we connect to a source of love that helps us to stay centered in ourselves, and also connected to others?


October 3, 4, 5
First Grace United Methodist Church, 3401 Canal Street, New Orleans
Speakers include Lisa Romero and Orland Bishop 

Sliding Scale Contribution  
All levels of contribution accepted. $40-60 suggested donation toward conference expenses and future work.
-->> REGISTER HERE : "My Heart's Vocation: Finding Ourselves Within Community"


Wednesday, October 3    "I HAVE A CAUSE, we need those don't we?"

1:00-5:00pm (Optional)  Exploring New Orleans; Walking Journeys

6:00pm Arriving/Gathering

8:00pm Opening Circle

Thursday, October 4  "...MY SOUL HAS A PURPOSE, it is to love..."

9:00am -12:00pm Workshop and Discussion with Lisa Romero

12:00pm - 1:15pm Lunch in conjunction with the Living In The Branches Pre-Conference 

1:30-3:30pm Open Space

4:00-6:00pm   "Co-creative Cooking with Soul /  Main Conference Volunteer Opportunity

6:00-7:30pm Dinner

7:30pm Sacred Conversation Space with Orland Bishop

Friday, October 5   "...MY HEART'S VOCATION"

7:45am-9:45am - Bayou St. John Songtrail: Meet under the McDonough Oak.

10:00am - Group work 

12:00pm - Lunch

1:00pm - Here and Now conference begins!

we hope to see you there!

questions can be sent to Tess,

thank you,

Tess Parker, Frank Agrama, Mason Howerton, and the Youth Section

Event Details
Community Event
First Grace United Methodist Church New Orleans , LA
Wed, 10/03/2018 (All day) to Fri, 10/05/2018 (All day)