Join us at Josephine Porter Institute for Applied Biodynamics for our spring prep-making workshop. Which also coincides with the last days of the exact anniversary dates of the Agriculture lectures!

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The mission of biodynamics has always been one of fostering health for the purpose of universal human freedom.The goal of the “farm organism” is so that every farm might source from within its own boundaries, all its own fertility needs that stream in from the cosmos. 

One of the most transformative effects of the biodynamic preparations is not just on the soil, but on the imaginations of those who practice making the preparations. New possibilities open up when you practice creating with your own hands the fruits of a remarkable intuition. 

Join us at the Josephine Porter Institute for a hands-on practical experience learning some of the subtle aspects of making biodynamic preparations. 

Join us from Friday evening June 14, 15, and 16 for food, fellowship, and inspiration!

 Lodging may be procured in local Floyd, VA. Camp sites available at JPI as well. Please email us if you are planning on camping on the property. Floyd Lodging Accommodations.

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East Coast
100 Year Anniversary Event
Community Event
Josephine Porter Institute Floyd , VA
06/14/2024 to 06/16/2024