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2 Apprenticeship Positions at Temple-Wilton Farm (NH)

Temple-Wilton Community Farm was one of the two first CSA's in the United States. Most CSA’s are seasonal and most have a fixed price for a fixed ‘share in the harvest’. From the beginning we took a different direction. For one thing we had a herd of milking cows so we knew that our members would be coming to get milk throughout the year. Thus we decided to grow large quantities of storage vegetables in order to provide produce throughout the winter. Secondly, we decided to sever the direct relationship between the money needed to operate the farm and the produce that comes through the bounty of nature. In order to do this we asked the whole membership to meet the proposed budget by having each family pledge to contribute as much as they could manage. The farmers would then set out the produce so that members could take what they needed rather than taking a specific portion of the harvest. This system has worked well for us since that time. Over the past ten years we have also managed to secure land and buildings – something that eluded us for the first 15 years of our existence. This has greatly strengthened the farm and provides a foundation that will enable us to move into the future.

Size of farm: 130 acres of pasture, hay fields and vegetables

Skills that can be learned: See Temple-Wilton Community Farms skills checklists.

Diversity of produce and livestock:  Six acres of vegetables, 14 milking cows along with 15-20 calves, replacement heifers, and dry cows, 275 pastured layer hens, 1000 pasture-raised meat chickens with our own on-farm chicken processing (seasonal from May through September), 6-8 breeding sows, 2 boars, 60-80 piglets, and starting in Spring 2014 we'll also add a small flock of sheep (hair breed sheep) to the grazing mix.

Apprenticeship details: We need two apprentices from mid-April through the end of October in vegetable production. Work in the fields and in the greenhouse includes all aspects of planting, weeding and harvesting over forty different vegetables and herbs, as well as making compost and making and applying the biodynamic preparations.

Mentor Farmer: Anthony Graham (vegetables) and Andrew Kennedy (animals and dairy)

Address: 195 Isaac Frye Hwy, Wilton NH

Phone: (603) 654-5751

Email: agraham@tellink.net (vegetables) &  twcf.pasturedmeats@gmail.com (dairy/animal husbandry)

Website: www.twcfarm.com

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