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Apprenticeship paid position at Live Springs Farm, Carrollton, Illinois

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Apprenticeship paid position at Live Springs Farm, Carrollton, Illinois
Live Springs Farm is a diversified 610 acre farm outside of Carrollton, IL. The primary focus of the farm is on livestock production, soil health, and biodynamic agricultural practices. The farm currently raises chickens both for meat and eggs, beef cattle, and hogs. Fall 2014 sheep will be added. The animals are raised on pasture and the meat and eggs are direct marketed locally through farmers’ markets, CSA’s, small grocers, restaurants and as bulk purchases.
Application Process:
We are looking for highly motivated and hardworking apprentices who think that our farm might be the right place to learn about the many aspects of farming we at Live Springs are engaging in. If you think we are right for you after reading about us, please contact us for an application. All applications must be submitted to Live Springs Farm via mail or email by September 30. From the applications we will select candidates to do an on-farm 2-day trial visit, which is mandatory. Please realize that travel to and from the farm is the responsibility of the applicant. Accommodations will be with the farmers and meals will be eaten together during this visit. These on farm visits are to occur before Thanksgiving and we will notify you of our decision by mid-December.
For more information please check out our website: 
For an application please write: Bobbi Sandwisch <>