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Biodynamic Farm Internship: Camphill Village Minnesota Farm

Camphill Village Minnesota Farm
15136 Celtic Drive, Sauk Centre, MN 56378 

Here is an opportunity to be part of our 2015 farming season. We run a 50
member year-round community supported farm/garden in Central Minnesota
within the context of an intentional community based in Anthroposophy that
focuses on living and working with adults with special needs. We ask that
you have some farming and/or gardening experience, but it is more important
that you are enthusiastic and energetic about sustainable agriculture and
are open to working with people with special needs.

We are a working biodynamic farm on the Sauk River , where approximately 125
acres is managed under a grass based, cultivated 4-6 year rotation, with 70
acres in permanent pasture, 10 acres in restored native tall-grass prairie,
and 300 acres of forest and wetlands.  Incorporated into our diverse
biodynamic system is a grass-fed beef operation, a small grass based dairy,
layers, hogs, a small apiary, and the many perennials and annuals that make
it possible. Projects for the upcoming summer include installation of a permaculture
nursery, grazing diverse cover crop cocktail mixes and organic no-till experiments.

The internship runs from May through September, but will accommodate your
school’s schedule. A $100 / month stipend will be given with free room and
board in a house community, plus toiletries.

Learning Opportunities In: Animal Husbandry (cows, pigs, poultry, bees),
Small Scale Grass Based Dairy, Small Grains Production, Diverse Crop
Rotations, Compost Making, MIG – Management Intensive Grazing, Biodynamic
Theory, Sprays, Compost preps, Farm Machinery Safety, Operation & Repair,
Farm Scale Permaculture Techniques,Holistic Management, Community Living

Requirements: Enthusiam, Health insurance, Pass a Background Check, Agree to
and Sign Service Policy. Please remember you must be open and willing to work with people with special needs within the context of a licensed facility.  

We look forward to hearing from you!
Come grow with us! 
Please send us an e-mail or call if you are interested in applying.

Stephen Briggs  
Farm Manager   
Tel. 320.732.2336 

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