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Biodynamic Farm Manager - Duncan, BC

Position: Biodynamic Farm Manager
Organization: Glenora Farm/ Ita Wegman Association of BC/ Camphill
Location: Outside Duncan, BC

Glenora Farm is seeking a motivated, responsible, full-time Biodynamic Farmer to
join our community and to manage our 100-acre farm. 
Responsibilities: The farmer is responsible for all farm-related activities including
overseeing ~ 60 acres of hay fields, care of farm animals (Currently sheep and
cattle), growing our small herd of beef cattle, and potential for a building up a sheep
dairy and orchard.  The Farmer is expected to follow organic and biodynamic
principles and works closely with the Gardener who manages the vegetable gardens,
with the Farm and Garden Committee which oversees all farm and garden visioning
and planning, and with the maintenance team who oversees upkeep of vehicles,
equipment, tools, and facilities. Coordination with other community members is
required for the use of shared tools and other resources.
Terms: Hours are flexible and seasonal. Compensation package to be worked out in
conjunction with community, but includes room and board, modest monthly
personal and food stipends, MSP (provincial health) coverage, Dental benefits, and
use of shared vehicles and some other shared community resources.
Background: Glenora Farm is a life-sharing and income-sharing community, which
includes adults with developmental challenges. We are located outside of Duncan on
Vancouver Island.  We are a dynamic group of 45 people living and working on site,
including long term and short term community members. We are young and old and
come from many backgrounds and interests, and we share the common goals of
caring for one another and seeing the whole human spirit in each person. Farm
work would include daily work with adults with developmental challenges.
Applicants should have four years or more experience and ideally Biodynamic
training and be willing to work with others.
To inquire, please send a letter of interest and resume to:

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