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Biodynamic Farming Opportunity - Tucson Waldorf School, AZ - **Position Still Open**

River Road Gardens (RRG), a community supported agriculture (CSA) farm, has leased land from the Tucson Waldorf School (TWS) for the past six years and built an extensive farm infrastructure on approximately two of the school’s ten acre property.  RRG’s owner has notified TWS that he will not renew his lease, which expires on 12/31/15, in order to follow other personal pursuits. 

Therefore, TWS is looking for an individual(s) interested in running a biodynamic farm on the school’s property.  The individual(s)/entity that comprise the new farm would be independent of TWS, leasing the designated land at a nominal cost, and would be wholly responsible for running the business, including but not limited to, finding customers, crop cultivation, production, harvest and distribution. 

The TWS is willing to provide the following in kind assets/services toward the operation of the farm as part of the lease agreement.

  • High-producing, fertile beds,
  • Tools and equipment,
  • Insurance,
  • Water and irrigation infrastructure,
  • Electricity,
  • Limited administrative support, including bookkeeping and marketing

Farming is a critical component of Waldorf education.Therefore, the TWS gardening teacher would need access to the farm for instruction.Additionally, greater coordination and cooperation between the school and the farm can be explored for the benefit of both parties.

Please provide a letter of interest with your qualifications, and any experience farming using biodynamic principles to:Margery Bates, Administrative Director, Tucson Waldorf School, 3605 E. River Road, Tucson, AZ, 85718, director@tucsonwaldorf.org.

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