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Who Are We . . .
Let me Introduce Ourselves . . .
Ray is a 38 years old farmer half Italian [Palermo Sicily], half Spanish [Castilla Spain/Puerto Rico]. He grows at his grandfather’s farm in Puerto Rico. He starts working helping at the farm when he was 4 years old, and starts his own growing and research [Using His Family Systems] when he was 15 years old. He is an expert in: Permaculture, Polyculture, Vermiculture, Aquaculture, Agro-Regeneration,Agro-Forestry, Agro-Ecology, Biodynamic and Urban Farming, and an expert to put all this together in the farm to obtain the GAP Certification [Good Agriculture Practices] .Thanks to his research he makes “The Perfect Formula” for what he calls “100% Organic / Green Xtra Bio-Verma Fertilizers” like his: Black Gold Hummus Fertilizer [Vermiculture], his Dry Whole Macro Algae Hummus Fertilizer [Biodynamic Green Marine Culture], and his Miracle Feeding & Growing Teas, “Biodynamic 100% Organic / Green Pesticides”, and Many More, plus the “Production of Effective Microorganism” like: LBS, BIMOF, EMMF & Many More, all have Dual Function: “Foliar and Root Consumption”, these makes the Veggies, Herbs, Plants, Trees and Flowers grow faster, stronger, healthier, have a longer life, more productive yielding sometimes the double in a single harvest. His research includes the Production of his own: “Fish’s Food Formula”, “All Farm’s Animal Multinutritional Block & Liquid Feed”, his Own Formula for “Pelleting” his “Artisanal Concentrated Dry Feed” for Farm Animals, but for the lock of money we can’t make these formulas and sell them.
I am a 25 years old farmer, I born and grow in my father and grandfather farms in Moca Puerto Rico. I start working at the farm as many children in my country when I was 7 years old helping around the farm after school and full time on the weekends, I am an expert in sowing, transplanting, pruning, etc., and very good with animals, I love to work with them and I know how to take care all kind of farms animals from chicken to cows.
What We Looking for & Want To Do. . .
We are a Christian Couple looking for an Angel Investor OR A Partner to get a property of more or less 20 to 100+Acres of land to start:
A Premier Biodynamic 100% Organic, 100% Green, Self Sustaining Biodynamic Eco-Farm using our “Biodynamic VermAquaFarming System", with: 
- Lifestyle XIX Century Old World Farm Agritourism Attraction [we will need at least 50 to 100+ acres to create the perfect environment], but with 20 we can do it in small scale. We are going to transport our customers to the past with our animal’s power, earth, stone, wood & hay animal shelters, wood and stone fences & corrals, wood & water heating systems for our animals, and we can finish every tour with our “ From our Orchard to your Table”, where we present in advance when they book the tour a special menu with everything we produce in our farm, and cooked for them in our XIX century style kitchen and served in our rustic dinning room,. After our 1st green year we will have a lot of attractions for the entire year in the different seasons plus the holiday’s events,from here we will be involve in all areas of the community providing the best place to have the best time for their activities, this way we can win our community trust and show them that we can fulfill any activities requested for them, and can make their “Dream Party or Activity a Reality at our Farm” from: “Baptisms, Sweet 15/16, Weddings, Community, Church, Sports, Corporate, Cultural & Learning Activities, Parties & More”.
- CSA Program(Community Supportive Agriculture) 
- Educational, Recreational and Charitable Community Programs
-Terranova Farms will help “Interns” to “Learn &Work in All Areas”
-A "Diversified International Market” [Artisan Food Products: American, European & Hispanic and Free Range Biodynamic Aqua Grain/Fodder Grass Feed Animals & their products].
- “Our Biodynamic VermAquaponic System” is:[Permaculture + Animals of the Farm + Vermiculture + Aquaculture ==> 24 hours cycle], for the production of :Heirloom Organic Vegetables, Sprouts, Micro & Baby Greens, Herbs [Culinary,Medicinal], AquaFodder Grass, any Tree, Plants and Berries [Goji,Acai,Bilberries,Blueberries,Blackberries,Strawberries, etc.], in 3 different ways:
- A State of the Art Multi-Span Greenhouses [Environmental Controlled]
- Outside Beds [Regular OR Raised Outside Beds]
- Our Unique Eco-System Italian Style :
- “Serra Sotteranea” [Underground Greenhouse], with our “Letti Di Verdura Sotterranei” [Underground Growing Beds: Regular, Raised, Poly-Bluffy, Xochinamitlas (Special Type of Floating Garden Beds) & VermAqua Beds], with our underground system we DON’T NEED ANY Controlled Environmental System for our Greenhouses.
-In our "Laghetto Sotterraneo" [Underground Pond], for our Aquaculture System, raising any kind of fish: [Tilapia,Carpa,Rainbow Trout,Catfish,Koi,Goldfish, Flathead Minnow),etc.],[Food,Ornamental&Bait] ].
-In our "Refugio Sotterraneo" [Underground Shelter], we can raise any animal: [Chicken,Turkey,Duck, Guinea Fowl,Quail, Pheasant, Pig, Lamb, Goat, Rabbit ]. In livestock raising, we considered our system as a revolutionary breakthrough, accomplishing Our “Natural Biodynamic Eco-Farming System” Dream Method of “Zero Emission”, NO waste water is emitted, also ALL wastes are recycled and converted to resources in our farm using our own BIMOS, for the better Animal Production & Health of our animals and our land, using Our IDLS [ Imbued Deep Litter System ], this system is used for our family for centuries to prevent: accumulation of manure, prevents nuisance fly breeding and the odors generated by the proliferation of undesirable organisms.
What we trying to Create. . .
“The 3 Perfect E’s,100 % Self-Sustainable Natural Eco-Farm” [Ecologically Sustainable, Environmentally Promising, Economically Attainable], where in an orderly manner integrates the production of basic vegetables, sprouts, micro & baby greens, bio aquafodder grain grasses [Grazing] , fruit trees & berries, the breeding of minor species & fish, using them for the production of our best Organic Bio-Fertilizers, Hummus and Miracle Feeding & Growing Teas, and different types of compost, using Animal and Agriculture Green Biotechnology, and find the best utility of all existing resources within and around, to provide not only food, but also, through the sale of our surplus make a very high income, [We are talking about Millions in a 3 to 5 years frame time of hard work].
We have a plan to grow, raise & offer the best 100% natural produce, animals & their products for our Diversified International Market:
o A to Z Vegetables [ Fresh, Dried, Canned ]
o A to Z  Bio-Aqua Micro & Baby Greens [With Our Unique System: Live Shelf ] 
o A to Z Bio-Aqua Sprouts
o A to Z Herbs [ Culinary & Medicinal (Fresh & Dry)]
o A to Z  Bio-AquaFodder Grass Feed & Silage [ Farm Animal ]
o Free Range & Bio-AquaFodder Grass feed Animals & their products [Chicken (We will raise all kind of Chickens and Hens [ Brown/White Eggs ], Heavy & Light Breeds, Crested Breeds, Cochins & Feathers Footed  Breeds, Rare & Unusual Breeds, Meat Birds),turkey,duck,guinea fowl,quail,
pheasant, pig,lamb,Goat,rabbit/And Their Products: Meat,eggs,Milk,Dairy Products,and as Pets] 
o Fish[Meat (Tilapia,Rainbow Trout,Catfish ), Ornamental( Koi ), Bait ( Goldfish, Flathead Minnow )] -  Production of Our Own:
o Biodynamic 100% Organic, 100% Green Fertilizers & Miracle Growing Teas [ Dry & Liquid Fertilizers / Foliar & Root Absorption ]
o BIMOF/LBS/MMA/EMM5F & Many More [ Effective Microorganisms ]
o Hummus [ Vermiculture Involve ]
o Whole Dry Macro Algae Hummus [ Biodynamic Green Marine Culture ]
o Biochar
o EMFOW [ Fermented Organic Waste ]
- Many More Bio-Products
- Diversified International Market: We have a great advantage on the Spanish (Spain), Hispanic
( South &Central America ) & European Market in any area in USA, with his great production of  “Old World Artisan's Products”.
We will get from our own animals: 
o Artisanal Spanish ( Spain ) Hams, Salamis, Jerk Meats, etc.
o European & Hispanic Sausages, Head Cheese, Blood Sausage, etc. 
o Caribbean & Hispanic [ Chorizo, Longaniza, Mortadellas, Beef Patties (fresh & frozen ) ], etc.
o Artisanal Cheeses [ Soft, Hard & Semi Hard, Snacks Appetizers & Desserts ]
o Artisanal Butters [ Reg., Salty, Herbs, Fruits, Nuts, Garlic ], etc.
o Kummis [ Spanish Yogurt Sorbet ], Regular Yogurt, Shakes & Smoothies
Plus the Production of Our: “Special Nonni’s Recipes” of Healthy Food & Drinks:
o Healthy Probiotics Drinks & Sodas [ Kefir, Kombucha,etc. ]
o Naturally Cultured Lacto Fermented Food: [Vegetables, Pickles, Relish, Kimchi, Chutneys Products]
o Flavored Oils, Vinegar & much more.
-We produce all this products above in our family for generations, they come from our ancestors [Nonni’s]who lived long healthy lives with the most basic of possessions, and they were designed to nourish our bodies when very little food was available. This is what we call in our family: “Returning to Grow Back to Our Basics Roots of a Simple & Healthy Life ”
-We will produce the best 100% Organic, 100% Green products & use these at Our:
CSA, Ethnic Markets,Vegan Stores, Restaurants [ American,International,Vegetarian ], Gourmet Delis & Cafes, Farmers/Tailgate Markets, Agritourism [ Pick your Own (Veggies,Berries,Meat,Milk,Fish & Minor Species),Pets ], Ranchers [ Bio VermAqua Fodder Grass Feed , Multinutritional Block & Silage ], & Our Shop on the Internet wills open doors at a National and International level for our farm, and many more. Terranova Farms will use the website as our catalog and order device at the same time will be a complete product offering as well to provide company information.
- Terranova Farms will give: " Consultancy Services in Land & Eco-Farms Developing & Management ", helping people with their : " Full Business Plan ",  from the “Beginning to the Open Point”, and we will give them Our Service 1 year after the opening day or more if the client request it, covering from A to Z all the points our clients needs to start their own business depending on their Budget & the Land they have at their Start Point, to develop a: " Self-Sustaining Eco-Farm and / or Ranch ", so they don't have to worry about nothing in the future because their Eco-Farm and / or Ranch will support itself in the near future frame time forever, this is the Gold Key in the Farm and / or Ranch Business: " Self-Sustaining " .
Our Clients can take all the time they want to learn their duties as a Farm / Ranch Owner & Chief of Operations Officer, to bring their Farm to Another Level, [ 1 year minimum contract time ], this will be stipulated in a Writing Contract between: " You as a Client & We as a Developer ".
- A Full Business Plan is ready to put it to work with our Angel Investor / Partner!
- As a Business Partnership Our Mutual Contribution and Duties are. . . 
A.- YOU... “ Investor” shall have contributed with:
o Capital ($) What we need to launch the plan, and what is needed only until the Farm will support itself 100%
o Land, Buildings 
o Farm’s Insurance & Taxes
o Machinery & Equipment own OR Hire
o Livestock and Feed Supplies
o Seeds for production
o Full Time & Part Time Ground Workers, Seasonal Workers, Season's Extra Help
o All Farm expenses and other assets.
This is only at the beginning until the farm start producing what is necessary to provide the money for what we need. This is what we call 100% Self -Sustaining !
B. - WE... “Developer” shall have contributed with:
o Managing the “Farm Property” as Chief Operations Officer & Farm’s Developer, with a 100% Daily Decisions Power 
- Duties Included: 
o Introduce new skills, specializations and occupational preferences to enhance the operation of the farm. 
o New Diversification of Activities on the farm by bringing in new expertise and business interests. 
o Improved work environment.
o Improved income. 
o Reduced Costs & Reduced Investment Risk.
o Be in charge of the Human Resource Dept., Hiring, Training & Supervision [Regular Farm Workers, Temporary Help, Interns, Volunteers, etc.]
o Be in charge of the Customer Service & Marketing Dept. 
o Supervise All the Production & Quality [produce, orchard, greens and animals]
o Schedule, Supervise & Execute all working & recreational activities 
- A Business Partnership Contract will be signed, for the coverage of both parties in case of any event other than to each and every one of the points set forth in this contract caused by any of the two parties either voluntarily or involuntarily in a future .
You can contact us @ Terranovaorganicgreenfarms@greenmail.net, BrotherRayinJesus@priest.com, SisterGrace@minister.com,
         Daiana Roman
              1876 - 2015
Pioneers of Biodynamic AquaFarming Since 1930 & Biodynamic VermAquafarming Since 1992
        " VermAQuaFarming is the New Sunrise Of Today’s Organic Farming” 
"Growing A Greener World, Learning, Living & Sharing through Permaculture, Poly & Biodynamic Self Sustaining Eco-Agriculture”
This will be Our Legacy for Future Generations: 
At Terranova Farms We are Creating the Path of How to Return Back to Eden, Opening a Path to Freedom teaching our people how we are Returning to Grow Back to Our Basics Roots of a Simple & Healthy Life, with Our: “Natural Farming & EM Probiotic Homeground Revolution for Our Mother Earth Regeneration"
@ our “ Traces of Love Eco-Farming School Project "
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.
                             - Gen. 1: 29-30 <<<<<>>>>> 2 Cor. 9:6 -

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