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Collaborative Biodynamic Farming in the Mountains of Ecuador

This is an invitation for a farm couple to join our intercultural, biodynamic, self-supporting farm community of 5 in Vilcabamba, Ecuador on Sacred Land Farm (FincaSagrada.net and MagicalForest.me and growbd.org). 

Back in the 70s, the National Geographic did an article about the Vilcabamba Valley as one of the four healthiest places in the world and our town has drawn interesting people ever since.   We have Spring-like weather all year long, the water, earth and skies are clean and the land is well-loved. We have a wonderful expat community 50 minutes away and are well-integrated into the local community after 10 years here.  In addition, living here is very affordable, with many living on $300/month and up.

We have a five-hundred hectare mountain (1,200 acres), but we mostly live and work on our five hectares of pastureland, extensive gardens and orchards.  We are very diversified, with cows, goats, burros, a horse, chickens and bees.  We have an intern/volunteer program and give workshops, fully described at FincaSagrada.net and MagicalForest.me.  Our goal is to be food self-sufficient and have some left over to sell at the local organic farmers’ market.
We have five partners and could support another family.  
We have been told by the Kogi and many others that our valley is a sacred place and is a key part of the energy grid of the earth that needs reactivation. We take this task seriously and are hosting a global gathering of 30 including the Kogi of remote Columbia on Feb. 5-12, 2015. 
Walter Moora, the founding partner, has been a biodynamic farmer for more than  forty years, mainly in the States.  He and his wife, Susan Davis Moora, still spend some time in the States each year so we need an active partner to carry the Biodynamic impulse while he is gone
In addition to Walter needing a full-time biodynamic farmer for Finca Sagrada, Susan needs a 20-hour-per-week support person for the KINSinnovation.org program at the Green America Foundation.   Excellent social networking and computer skills are needed in addition to all clerical functions and support.   Compensation for the KINS work is 3 times the minimum wage and high enough for the couple to live on until the farmer’s gardening produces additional income.  We hope to find a couple who enjoy our community lifestyle and become partners after a one-year experience together.
If you are interested, we have three websites that give a good idea of who we are.  Walter’s site, GrowBD.org, is his personal blog as a biodynamic farmer from New Zealand.  Our Canadian partner Leisha Naja’s blog is MagicalForest.me and describes her magical acre of biodynamic vegetables, fruits, herbs, medicinals,  fish ponds, statues, meditation sites, tree houses and more, hosting 5-20 visitors at a time.   Our U. S. partner Susan Moora’s website is CapitalMissions.com, describing the manifesting of the social investment industry and KINSinnovation.org, describing the collaboration method for sustainability she has manifested with 40 different groups over the last 40 years.   An overview website is FincaSagrada.net, showing our combined efforts.   Ecuadorian partner Cristian Ojeda is launching programs for teaching Spanish and trips around Ecuador and his website is in the design stage.   Martine Sweeney, our French partner, is a naturopath husbanding a California organic orchard with a vital interest in revitalizing sacred sites around the world.   She was the first person to discover the sacred sites on our farm. 
In addition, you can read Walter’s book, A Farmer’s Love, available on Amazon and Susan’s book, The Trojan Horse of Love, available for free at  CapitalMissions.com.
If interested, we suggest a stay of a month or more at Finca Sagrada to see how you collaborate for the good of all.
For more information, please contact Walter Moora at waltermoora@gmail.com.

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