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Frey Family Fundraiser

Dear Biodynamic Community, 

As our state continues to grapple with a terrible wildfire season, the Waldorf School of the Peninsula Senior Class of 2018 and I would like to let you know about a particular farm that is near and dear to our hearts: 

On October 8, the Redwood Valley Fire storm raged through the Frey vineyards, winery, and homes. All of the family escaped with their lives; they were awoken in the night and barely made it out, due to a lack of warnings. Most of the vineyards and wine was spared, however the winery burned down. All of the families homes were lost except for one (Grandmothers house was miraculously saved). 

Luke and Emily Frey lost their homes and the structures (Cow and Goat barns, sheds, etc) which supported a Biodynamic farm. This farm and family hosted our high school seniors on overnight field trips including their Parzival trip. 

Luke, Emily, Daniel and Molly Frey have hosted many school groups, Biodynamic and community events over the years. Please keep them in your hearts, and if you feel compelled to contribute to the barn raising efforts, the Class of 2018 invites to contribute to a fundraiser. These funds will go towards rebuilding the barns and farm/garden infrastructure, as well as towards purchasing new goats (the herd was lost in the fire). A baby calf was born during the fire, which the family discovered upon returning to the site when it was safe. The calf was found unscathed and hiding in the leaves. Lets help build him a new home! 

https://www.youcaring.com/lukeandemilyfrey-1042624 https://www.youcaring.com/lukeandemilyfrey-1042624 

Please click on this link to see photos of our students on the farm, the site after the fire, the new baby calf, and consider a contribution. Please share this link. Thank you! 

There may be opportunities as well to visit the farm site in the spring to help rebuild the farm, and plant the gardens. When I visited the site around Thanksgiving, the grass was already starting to grow. 

The Frey winery has also donated wine to our school community on many occasions, for our fundraisers. We can support the Frey Winery by purchasing wine for the holidays. 

Thank you so much, 
Anastasia Sinclair, WSP Gardening Teacher, and The Senior Class of 2018 

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Thanks for sharing !

Thanks for sharing Kaitlin!

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