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Internship at farm & bee sanctuary - Battle Ground, WA

We have been a mentor farm for many years. We are looking for one or two experienced apprentices or graduates from the NABDAP program to work with the gardens and animals. We are milking two goats (till early summer), our brown-swiss jersey cow is due in June when we will start milking her once a day. We are raising 60 broilers who will be harvested mid-summer, and we have a dozen layers.

Our farm is also a school. One week each month we have students here learning equine structural integration in our school, and every month we offer numerous honeybee and farm skill classes.

We have greenhouses, orchards, cats, dog, tractor, barn, gardens and interesting projects in all stages of development including building a shower heated by compost, seasonal housing, fencing, transitioning some animal pastures to bee forage, bee hedgerows and developing a bee healing center. We are open to input that helps the farm in its ongoing unfolding progress.

We actively work with nature spirits. We seek helpers who are sensitive and aware and willing to do heart-opening work. We provide room, food, a small stipend and a good education. Additional income available for teaching BD classes and/or office help with the business part of the farm.

Please contact us through email with photo and experience, and we'll go from there.
FriendlyHaven@sisna.com (360) 687-8384

Jacqueline & Joseph Freeman
Friendly Haven Rise Farm -- www.FriendlyHaven.com
www.SpiritBee.com (Jacqueline's book is "The Song of Increase: Returning to Our Sacred Partnership with Honeybees")

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about the bees...

Just liked the sudden coincidence of seeing this offer of a position at your farm with having purchased a copy of your "The Song of Increase..." on Amazon a day or so ago! In appreciation, Chris

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