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Leichtag Foundation Apprenticeship Program: 2015-2016 Season

The Farm’s pilot apprenticeship program will provide each apprentice with an opportunity to further his or her farming and professional development in an area of specialization related to the Farm’s biodynamic, Jewish agricultural and community farming operation.  The Farm provides a unique training opportunity for emerging farmers and is dedicated to advancing the fields of community farming and Jewish community farming. The Farm sees new and innovative opportunities for helping emerging farmers forge a path towards successful, dignified careers as community leaders, educators and entrepreneurs. We believe this next generation of community farmers and farms is essential to solving many of the most pressing social, environmental and health issues we face.

Apprentices will work as integrated members of the Farm team.  Farm consultants and staff will provide mentorship, training and guidance to support each apprentice in his or her area of specialization. A professional development plan will be crafted for each apprentice to identify opportunities for personal and professional growth. Apprentices will learn from and participate in all aspects of the farm operation.

Each Apprentice will also be taught various farming concepts and learn skills to prepare for opportunities in the growing field of community farming through a mix of hands on training and educational workshops.

See attachment for full program details.

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