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Seeking Biodynamic Farmer for 80 acres in SE Central Wisconsin

Seeking a biodynamic farmer for a parcel of land in southeast central Wisconsin, to give this beautiful space a human touch. Also open to other social initiatives on the land.

The property is 80 acres, of fields, woodland, pine stands and a man-made pond. The neighboring properties are not developed but given over to hunting.
Location: 1hr 15 min north-east of Madison, 2hrs north of Milwaukee, 45 minutes directly west of Oshkosh and Fondulac in Green Lake and Marquette counties

History: It was homesteaded with horses since the late 1800's by one family until the mid 1960's. Since then it has lain fallow except for an occasional year when one field was rented out to a local farmer for raising  corn or hay.  It also had a few seasons of alfalfa and clover. where bee hives were placed by a local bee keeper. A small BD vegetable and herb garden was tended by my mother  from the late '60s until the late '80s.

Buildings: include an old farm house, small cinder-block milk house, small fieldstone smoke 'house', a large barn with attached hay barn/shed, grain barn, remnants of a chicken coop and an old garage, all of which are in significant need of repair.

For more information, please contact co-owner Johanna at 916/849-5291 or 1johannarohde@gmail.com

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