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Seeking employment/apprenticeship

I have recently relocated back to the garden state after many moons in CO, and while I am currently residing with and caring for my aging parents, I'm seeking both a position where I can connect to our land directly and a humble dwelling for the seasons ahead...

Over the course of this transition, I was honored to accept an opportunity to partcipate in the inaugural Eco Literacy Immersion Program with the Omega Institute's Center fo Sustainable Living and become certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork. It has always been clear that I have somehow been a bridge between nature and business, children and adults, ecology and technology, yet I am 40 and feel as though I'm just beginning to understand (or remembering) how I may best serve!

I can be reached at the number below and would be happy to share my resume and references with employers who are in need of hard working and mature candidates utilizing a beginner mind. Thank you for your consideration.

Stay warn and be well-

Sara M. Hoff

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