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Jacqueline Freeman
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Seeking experienced apprentice to become farm manager

We have been a mentor farm for many years and now we find ourselves needing a graduate from NABDAP. My book on honeybees just came out and it is bringing invitations to speak at events and conferences. That means travel, which is something we have not done in awhile. But in service to the bees, I want to do that and I want my husband to come, too. That means we need to find someone who can work on the farm alongside us when we are here, and care for the farm when we are away. Right now we are milking goats, our brown-swiss jersey cow is due in June. One week a month we have students here learning equine structural integration in our school, and throughout the season we offer classes about honeybees and other farm skills.

We have enough land that projects are welcome. We have greenhouses, orchards, milking goats and cow, bees, laying and broiler chickens, cats, dog, tractor, barn, gardens and interesting projects in all stages of development. The cottage is a lovely place to live, full bath and kitchen, good for a couple or single person. A modest stipend and of course, food as available. If you have office skills and can help with the business part of the farm, we can pay more.

Please contact us through email with photo and experience, and we'll go from there.

Jacqueline & Joseph Freeman
Friendly Haven Rise Farm

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