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Seeking part-time help in exchange for lodging - White Rose Farm, MD

Central Maryland Farm: Seeking mature person/couple to live in walk­out basement apartment (2 bedrooms, full bath, kitchenette, large family room with fireplace insert) on White Rose Farm, 132­acre farm near Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Essential work is to welcome people coming to the upstairs area for overnight stays or day­long retreats and to ensure that that area is ready for guests. The upstairs area includes a large area for group meetings, meditation or yoga, as well as two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining area and a porch. Couple/person needs to have a warm, welcoming manner, good social and organizational skills, flexibility and good attention to detail.

In return for lodging and food from the farm, the person/couple will contribute 20/hours of work per week to the larger farm community. Those activities will focus first on preparing for and welcoming people for personal and group retreats. The work may also include some of the following activities (depending on each person's aptitude, experience and inclinations): tending the garden and the animals, selling produce and products, working in the office, maintaining the machinery, doing simple carpentry and repairs, and/or organizing educational activities.

Interested? Visit www.whiterosefarm.com. To learn more, call Sally @ 410­756­9303 or e-
mail: sally@whiterosefarm.com. Every community starts with warmth and warmth starts with conversation.

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