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Seeking Skilled Grower - West Bend, WI

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Seeking Skilled Grower - West Bend, WI


Seeking a dedicated person(s) who loves to grow plants. Immediate position open with long-term possibilities. Skilled grower preferred - to produce and market natural vegetables in SE West Bend. A place to work together full-time, share ideas and profits. We are interested in seed saving trials and season extension practices. This is a small expandable business, a food participatory program model, with some flexibilty of terms. 

Including: an efficiency apt., with separate entrance and attached sunroom, fresh vegetables as we grow, and a daily lunch prepared together on workdays. Our set-up has other potential income options. For time management purposes please call only between hours of 7-8 am, or 7-8 pm CST. 262-675-0190.

Thanks, "D"