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A Stewardship with Body and Land - Self & Soul Center, Talent, OR

Just as nature grows with the energies of the soil, water, sun, and cosmic forces forming an interactive ecology integral to the health of the land, self development opens with the integration of the five elements-earth, water, fire, air and either. In Biodynamics, Steiner advocated that the farmer should establish a personal relationship to everything in farming because the process of growing is directly connected with continuous inner development. Seeing the farm as a living individuality on its way to becoming a being, is understanding the self in connection to nature. Opening to the balance and harmony of the elements within supports us to be stewards of our lives and the larger body of the earth.

Establish a direct sensory perception of the five elements as they exist within your body and your relationship to the outside world. This internship draws upon the principles of biodynamics, mindful gardening, ziraat, depth psychology, movement therapy, shamanism, theatre, and play.  The internship ends with an individual and group creative project.

Stewardships: Summer: July 12th – Aug 7th;  Times will be set in accordance with the applicants schedules and the astronomical calendar of the moon! Summer session begins on Sunday, July 12th at 4pm.  We will meet 2-3x/week for 2 1/2 hours, for a total of 30 hours.  In exchange for a modest tuition, you can choose to immerse yourself in community, which gives you a place to live, cook and be of service in the gardens, partake of the current open Self & Soul Center classes and access daily spiritual practice or you can live in town and attend the Embodied Ecology class.

Commitment: minimum of four weeks.  Cost:  ranges from $325-225./4 weeks.  Live-in stewardships + 20 hours of gardening and farm work/week = $275.  Commuters pay $325. or add 30 hours of work/per 6 weeks and pay $225.

Currently in school?  Ask your advisor about taking this an independent study course for credits.

To Apply: email tosuzyahya@selfsoulcenter.org for application

To secure your place, send your deposit of $100. Refundable up to one month prior to the start date of the internship. Once you are accepted into the program, full tuition is due by the start date. 

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