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Therapeutic Farm Manager - Klamath Falls, OR


We live in an age and society that is becoming increasingly difficult for our young people to navigate. While many young people seem to move effortlessly from adolescence to young adulthood, a growing number find the transition difficult if not seemingly impossible. Dragonfly Transitions provides therapeutic support and mentoring for young adults during this time of transition and life development.  One component of Dragonfly is the HOMESTEAD and AERIE ACRE.

For the therapeutic farm manager position we are looking for someone motivated, self-directed with multiple past leadership experiences, and at least 1-2 years of farming experience and experience working in a therapeutic setting.

This role requires someone who is able to work independently, take initiative and able to delegate tasks as necessary.

Skills Needed: 

  1. Ability to innovate and customize good working systems

  2. Ability to be an efficient and well-paced worker, and to motivate and engage the students attending Dragonfly.
  3. Good practical troubleshooter

  4. Good people and communication skills
  5. Ability to communicate details on a continual basis to keep systems working fluidly.
  6.  Conflict resolution with the ability to perceive and manage the overall health of the farm community.
  7. Fluidity to step in and out of farming roles and therapeutic/house management role.
  8. Experience with operating farm equipment

  9. Experience with animal husbandry, admin type work, and knowledge of basic machines and engines are all assets of consideration and areas of skill our farm could really benefit from.


  1. Networks with local farms, farmers, farmers market managers, neighbors, and local Ditch Riders. 
  2. Manages mentor schedule including staffing, hiring, evaluations and training.
  3. Manages the Homestead property which includes, animal care, pastures, garden, greenhouse, all buildings and fences or delegates projects to farm mentors.
  4. Works with the staff team to develop work and therapeutic schedule for the students.
  5. Represents Aerie Acre at the local Farmer’s Market
  6. Works with owners of Dragonfly Transitions around vision and implementation of projects at the Homestead.
  7. Works closely with the Homestead therapist to create a therapeutic learning environment for the Dragonfly participants.
  8. Part of the on call rotation.

This is a salaried position and pay is based on experience.  Standard benefits include 21-days paid time off, stipend towards health insurance, 401(K) eligible after one year of employment.

If interested in learning more please send a resume to Mona@dragonflytransitions.com or call the office 541.850.0841.

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