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Thea Maria Carlson
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Video on the cultural model referenced in Reinventing Organizations and the emergence of teal

This 9-minute video provides a great audiovisual summary of the different cultural paradigms and resulting organizational structures outlined in Reinventing Organizations, the book that inspired and is guiding the Biodynamic Association's transition to Teal

Lean and Agile Adoption with the Laloux Culture Model from Agile For All on Vimeo.


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Loved the video

I enjoyed the aspect which mentioned how the intelligence models of "lower" circles can still be used in certain situations, that an organization is flexible and adaptible, even in its choice of picking the right model for a given situation. We all want to live our higher purpose, but also have our lower nature, and this is inescapable, idealism is rooted in sustainable groundedness. Thanks!

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I would be curious to know

I would be curious to know how this is helping BDA transition? from a membership viewpoint it is not apparent, admittedly I am a rather new member that has been watching BDA from afar for several years now. I do however facilitate and teach cooperative governance which is why I ask. Pretty good video

Rebecca Briggs
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BDA transition

From my perspective as BDA staff, our transition been rather dramatic. Unfortunately, we've been so focused on - and excited about - all the internal changes that we haven't really communicated it well externally yet. We're working on some pieces to try to share that better.

Personally, I've been struck by the number of new and vibrant ideas, often drawing from our connections and communications with the broader community, or solutions to issues that we are coming up with as an organization. We're able to act more effectively on what we sense as needs because the system allows (and requires) us to take true responsibility. I think that sense of responsibility leads to a deeper understanding of our role within the BDA organism, which of course is part of the larger biodynamic community. We've also spent a lot of time on the holistic aspect, really getting to know and trust each other and supporting each other in various ways.

That said, it's definitely been a real process to figure out, and we're very much still on the journey. Much like biodynamics. :)

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