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Volunteers sought for NOWEFOR in Bamenda-Cameroon
The North West Farmers' Organisation (NOWEFOR) in Bamenda-Cameroon, wish to appreciate the concept of biodynamics which we received through Pastor Victor Kubia during his visit to Cameroon.  We were privileged to view a presentation on composting.
NOWEFOR is a federation of farmers representation/movement  in the North West Region of Cameroon. It has been existing since 1992 with about 3000 members. We wish to request for volunteers  to assist us in our service in improving the lives of farmers. We have our own building(Head Office), an office vehicle and  motor bikes  to facilitate movements to the field. We also have dynamic staffs and  farmer leaders to run the day to day activities of the federation. Attached is a brief presentation of NOWEFOR (see link below).

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