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Mark Lindquist
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Concern over 5g technology

Is anyone alarmed at what is currently going on with 5G technology?  Please consider these thoughts and check out the links below:

Some of you may know what 5G is and some of you may not.  For those who don't know, 5G is a completely new technology that will use thousands more satellites than normally used as well as wireless antennas at closer distances in our communities to send frequencies to cell phones and other machines.  There will be launches of an alarming amount of satellites into the ionosphere that project frequencies down all over the Earth, even in places that won't use it.  To make this happen SpaceX is currently launching 60 satellites per launch per month.  They have the green light to launch 12,000 satelites into orbit.  SpaceX is currently requesting 30,000 more.  Antennas will be placed in cities around homes and even schools at intervals of every 100-500ft. 

Deployment:  So far, American citizens have not been given the chance to vote yes or no and it seems as if it is moving forward without our approval.  A few cities are fighting the deployment citing health concerns and possible declines in property values, some with success some without.  Cities and towns have also been mandated by the FCC to process the applications for the antenna permits faster than normal.  It seems as though this is being forced upon cities without much notice to the public.

Possible Dangers: Among other concerns, one issue that affects agriculture is the decline in insect and pollinator populations.  Studies have shown that insects are adversely affected by short mm size electromagnetic wavelengths.  I would venture a guess that many if not all pollinators would experience similar effects.  A study in Switzerland by Daniel Favre showed that hives with a cell phone placed in it produced "worker piping signals" when the cell phone was in use.

Question: What can we as biodynamic farmers and gardeners do to protect our farms, animals and livelihoods?

Conclusion: 5G may be inevitable, but it seems as if it is being forced upon the Americans and the rest of the world. If we share this with our friends and families and bring awareness to this issue we might be able to halt 5g until more research can be done.  If nothing else we may be able to put up enough resistance to negotiate safe zones for bees or buffer zones for farms.




Looking forward to hearing this community's input and about brainstorming what can be done


Mark Lindquist

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5G concerns response

Yes, this is a real concern on a number of levels.  The goal, stated by Elon Musk of SpaceX and others who are responsible for the satelite systems mentioned, is to blanket the whole earth, via a total of around 100,000 low level satelites, with microwave radiation which is above the heat generating level but below that of light.  Some have called it "fallen Light" radiation.  Studies have been done, but seldom circulated in the main stream, showing such radiation does have effects on Oxygen molecules in particular, including those in the bloodstreams of humans and animals, which can make it more difficult for them to be properly utilized.  They can also cause interference in animal and insect orientation systems, and have a negative effect on weather monitoring systems, which share of wavelength with some of those satelites of around 2.4 GHertz.  There are other major concerns with the surveillence opportunites this omnipresent technology will provide to governments and their militaries as well as others who can afford to buy the information gathered.  Thomas Cowan and other anthroposophical physicians have made a tenuous connection between these radiations and the symptoms shown by those infected with the COVID-19 virus.

The federal government has decreed that local authorities may not resist the installation of local towers for 5G based on health concerns, as they claim a 25 year-old study shows that there are none from microwave radiation, in general.  (They do acknowledge that they are not aware of any studies that have been done with "accepted results" on the bandwiths being used by 5G technology).  There are huge resources being put toward the race to get this out by various countries and their corporations, including in the COVID-19 aid packages, so trying to slow it down or stop it will be a huge challenge.  Like with big tobacco in years past, we will likely first deal with the consequences before enough people wake up to resist.

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