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Churchtown Dairy
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Churchtown Dairy Seeks Assistant Dairy Farmer

   A project of the Foundation for Agricultural Integrity, the Churchtown Dairy is a working farm that intends to serve as a beacon for those working to promote sustainable agriculture and sustainable communities. We support the development of resilient, just and sustainable food systems while raising public awareness of the positive impacts ecological agriculture can have on ecosystems, communities and economies. We strive to create health by imbuing all our work with beauty--the buildings, the landscape and the economic and social systems within which we work.

 As part of our work the Churchtown Dairy operates a 28-cow grass-fed Biodynamic dairy farm. We strive for excellence in the care of our herd, the land and our raw milk products.

 Assistant Dairy Farmers perform and assist with day-to-day farm chores and are integral to the smooth and successful running of the Dairy. Ability to communicate with farm management, co-workers and visitors is key.


●  Morning and afternoon milking as scheduled

●  Maintain the barn in a clean and organized manner

●  Perform dairy wash routine and maintain dairy quality standards

●  Raw milk bottling, handling and processing

●  Implement Churchtown Dairy’s grazing plan

●  Maintain herd awareness and apply basic remedies according to Churchtown Dairy protocols

●  Maintain daily documentation in farm journal

●  Communicate in a professional and respectful manner with all staff

●  Assist in hay making and general farm chores, including use of farm equipment

●  Engage with visitors in a warm and positive manner

●  Participate in monthly full-farm meetings

●  Other duties as assigned


●  At least one year of farming experience

●  Ability to work with cows in a respectful manner and/or willing to learn

●  Interest in and/or openness to Biodynamics

●  Ability to communicate effectively and respectfully

●  Excellent interpersonal skills

●  Ability to lift up to 50 pounds

●  Farm machinery (tractor and implements, and skid steer) experience a plus

●  A commitment to strive for best farming practices

Please send resume and letter of interest to mattp@churchtowndairy.org

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