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Churchtown Dairy is seeking an Assistant Cheesemaker to join our award-winning artisanal cheesemaking operation as part of the broader work of our biodynamic, nonprofit dairy farm.


Assist the Head Cheesemaker in all aspects of cheesemaking including:

  • Moving milk from the milk room to the cheese room, and pouring milk into vat.

  • Pasteurizing and milk testing as needed.

  • Setting up molds and pouring curds into molds.

  • Working with cheese cultures and other ingredients in the production of the cheese.

  • Cleaning cheese room including sanitizing vat, molds, and other cheese making equipment and the work environment.

  • Salting cheese.

  • Flipping, brushing, washing cheeses and general cheese care and aging.

  • Weigh, cut, wrap and label cheese.

  • Assist with record-keeping including inventory and logs .

  • Adhere to Churchtown Dairy’s food safety plan.

  • Interact with visitors in a professional and courteous manner.

  • Available for occasional delivery runs, packing orders for shipping.

  • We know it's impossible to convey every single task for a particular job in a single job post. Our hope is that as we work together we can use this job as a starting point so that your role can evolve over time and we can adjust your job description accordingly. 


  • Previous experience in food production, cheese making or cheese retail (cheese mongering) a big plus, but not essential.

  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds repeatedly; work on one’s feet in hot and cold temperatures and a fast-paced environment in close quarters with coworkers;  move and lift product from high and low shelves and work in a deep cheese vat during production.

  • Must be comfortable with early start times (6am or rarely earlier).

  • Attention to detail, sanitation, hygiene and safety are essential.

  • Familiarity with HACCP, Food Safety Plans. GMPs and SOPs a plus.

  • Positive attitude, flexibility, and ability to take direction and integrate feedback.


We are offering the Assistant Cheesemaker either a full time or part time position, depending on what best suits their needs.  Details for each are as follows:


5 days a week, 8 hours per day.  Tuesday - Friday, 6am - 2pm, as the Assistant Cheesemaker performing tasks as outlined above.  Saturday, 9:30-5:30, as a Farm Store Associate.  In the Farm Store you will be responsible for: opening and closing the store;  answering customers' questions about our products; completing transitions; restocking goods as necessary.  

Compensation for this full-time position is based on experience, $19-22 per hour, with fully paid medical benefits, generous PTO, retirement planning after 1 year, and a 25% discount on all goods in the Farm Store.


3 days per week, 8 hours per day.  Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday, 6am-2pm.  Some flexibility around work days/hours and the ability to cover additional days as needed is required.  Compensation for this part-time position is based on experience, $19-22 per hour, PTO, and a 25% discount on all goods in the Farm Store.


If this position sounds interesting to you, please forward a COVER LETTER (indicate if you are seeking FULL or PART time) and RESUME to our Head of People & Culture: jeremy@churchtowndairy.org with “Assistant Cheesemaker” in the subject line.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Who We Are

Churchtown Dairy aims to be a beacon, warning against the destruction done by “Big Ag” while promoting regenerative organic farming practices in harmony with nature and in alignment with animal, plant, and microbial life.  We use biodynamic principles that enhance and deepen our relationship with the Earth.  We strive to nurture a growing community of local, national, and global allies.  We are an accessible resource for farmers, scholars, educators, entrepreneurs, and the generally curious.  We provide access to healthy foods and products including raw milk, farmstead cheese, grass-fed beef, eggs, and medicinal remedies.

In our cheese making we work to create high-quality ethically produced cheeses reflecting the quality and strength of our milk.  Working with our herd of primarily Brown Swiss cows, we craft cheeses within a sustainable and Biodynamic framework that respects both the beauty and health of the living agricultural landscape and the animals and humans within it.  Every day we work with the milk to identify its strengths and weaknesses, what styles it is well suited for, and work with the farm team to optimize handling and treatment of the milk to maximize the quality for cheese production, in order to produce cheeses that are both delicious and an expression of our unique terroir and herd.

Food safety is of the highest importance at Churchtown Dairy; for this reason, we maintain a rigorous sanitation program, including a weekly in-house environmental swabbing program, biweekly independent pathogen testing of our milk and cheese products, as well as monthly state testing through the NY Dept of Ag&Markets, and working with our state and federal inspectors to ensure the safety and quality of our products.

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